Personal Projects

Visual Design, Future, Productivity, Motion Design
Re-imagining Microsoft Office for MacOS
Personal Goal: Last year, I re-designed a few Microsoft products to learn about grids, typography and visual balance. One of the projects I worked on, was a redesign of the Office apps on MacOS.

Aesthetics: Today's Office apps, while functional and native, feel outdated in terms of how they're structured. My goal was to build something that is inspired by Fluent design, feels new age and is built for younger audiences. The designs are minimalistic in nature and show the potential of using the Microsoft Graph for cleaner consumption of content.

⚠️ Caveat: Note that this is purely a personal project, and a visual design project for practice only.
OneDrive Toolbar for MacOS
Personal Goal: In addition, I also took the challenge to explore new ideas for OneDrive's Mac tool to sync cloud-based files.

Using Mobile Components: These designs were also inspired by Fluent design, where I re-purposed our Mobile toolkit elements for OneDrive as a test of their versatility. They were well-received by the OneDrive team.